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“Hallelujah moments are those breakthrough moments when God intervened on your behalf, you got the job without the credentials, your wayward child returns home, your irreconcilable marriage is reconciled, you were accepted into college after applying to over 20 schools, and the list goes on and on..”



100 Days Devotional Journal
by Kara Barker


Life is full of hallelujah moments when we’re celebrating milestones, we’re happy and full of hope. But there are also times when we experience setbacks and hiccups. Hallelujahs and Hiccups by Kara Barker invites women from all stages, ages, backgrounds and cultures to experience 100 days of inspiration, devotion and prayer. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and it’s too precious to speed through without taking some time to pause, celebrate the small wins and learn from your losses. This daily devotional journal is filled with life lessons, scripture and motivating insight. No matter what season of life you’re in, this book will encourage you. Each day provides a daily devotion, prayer and a space for you to journal your experience.

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